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A cyst removal procedure is generally very straight forward as most types of cysts are benign.

A cyst is a lump found anywhere on your body or under the skin. It can contain fluid, air, fat and other elements and comes in many different types.

Cysts can be formed for a few reasons such as the side effect of an infection, inherited diseases, inflammation and blockages in ducts under the skin.

Types Of Cysts

Different types of cysts include:

  • Epidermoid Cyst
    These are small lumps found under the skin and usually caused by an issue emanating from a hair follicle.
  • Sebaceous Cyst
    A sebaceous cyst is often formed within the sebaceous glands (hence the name) and is caused by a blockage in the glands that produce oil for the skin and hair.
  • Breast Cyst
    This is where fluids collect near the breast glands due to a blockage inside the breast. These are normally benign but should be checked as soon as possible.
  • Ganglion Cyst
    These kinds of cysts normally form near areas of joints in wrists, hands, feet or ankle areas.
  • Pilar Cyst
    These can grow to a large size, are generally benign but can be uncomfortable.
  • Mucous Cyst
    These are fluid-filled lumps that form on the lips or around the area of the mouth when the salivary glands get plugged.
  • and others

Cyst Removal Treatments

Most cysts are not dangerous and cyst removal is a quick and painless procedure.

If you have or suspect you have a cyst then it is important to have it checked as quickly as possible because in a small percentage of cases it may be cancerous. In addition, some cysts can cause pain, irritation and bleeding and should be treated to improve the quality of your life.

Dermal Cyst Removal

The video below demonstrates a cyst removal at our clinic.

An operation to remove your cyst will be covered by your insurance. Please check with us when you enquire.

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The most important point is that you need to get it checked as soon as possible to see if it is benign or not.

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