General Practice

Family / General Medicine
Covering all aspects of family and general medicine. Whatever complaint you may have this is your first stop. We will give you a thorough examination and consultation to identify your problem and how to treat it.

Women And Child Health
From pre-conception to birth and beyond we will helpĀ monitor you and your child, ensuring that everyone is in the best of health.

Geriatric Medicine & Diseases
As we enter our later years it’s important to have regular checkups to ensure that you keep in the best of health. Nutrition becomes even more important so we can advise you on all aspects of your health and fitness

Lower Body Diseases

This includes abdominal diseases, UTI, bladder, rectal and prostate. In addition, this would cover GI tract, GERD, ulcers and colitis.

Reproductive & Sexual Health

Looking at all aspects of sexual health and reproduction. Want to have a family? Then we can help.

Cold, Flu & Respiratory Diseases
Treatments for all kinds of cold, flues and respiratory conditions.

Skin Diseases
Including lumps, scars, acne, pigmentation, and moles.

Conjunctival Diseases
Examination and treatment of conditions and diseases of the eyes

Ear, Nose & Throat Diseases
Examination and treatment for diseases and problems with the Ears, Nose and Throat.

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